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AffirmedRx was created to transform pharmacy benefit management (PBM). Our mission is clear: to champion transparency, patient-centric care and innovative solutions in an industry often plagued by opacity and complexity. We empower individuals and organizations, guiding them through the intricacies of pharmacy benefits with confidence, clarity and unwavering support. At AffirmedRx, we don’t just provide services – we are leading a movement toward authenticity and humility, fostering a model focused on integrity and empowerment. We invite you to join us on our journey towards a healthier, more informed pharmacy benefits experience.

We promise to do what’s right. Always.

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Breaking Industry Barriers with Confidence: AffirmedRx Stands by You, Boldly Tackling Pharmacy Benefits with Transparency and Trust.
Pharmacy is the fastest rising cost in health care. Traditional pharmacy benefit programs are increasingly confusing and expensive. Self-funded employers have asked for a solution. AffirmedRx is the solution.
  1. 37%
    of US adults skip Rx fills because of costs
    Changing America – More than one-third of Americans haven’t filled a prescription due to cost: survey 
  2. 25%
    Fewer than 25% U.S. employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their wellbeing – the lowest percentage in nearly a decade
    Gallup, Percent Who Feel Employer Cares About Their Wellbeing Plummets, 2022
  3. 1,260
    Brand drug list price increases in 2021
    46brooklyn Research 2022


increase in nationwide out-of-pocket consumer health care spending in 2021.

Nationwide out-of-pocket spending jumped 10% in 2021. Expect that growth to continue through 2026  (Fierce Healthcare)


of Americans report that the cost of health care contributes some or a lot of stress to their daily life. The burden of health care costs doesn’t just affect your employees’ wallets.

Are Out-of-Pocket Costs A Barrier to Care? – The Alliance (the-alliance.org)


of people used at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days.

FastStats – Therapeutic Drug Use (cdc.gov)


Annual individual spending on prescription drugs in the US. The highest individual spending in the world.

The US Prescription Drug Report 2021


U.S. households spent per year on prescriptions

Study: Prescription drug spending soared from 2010 to 2020, as out-of-pocket costs fell | BenefitsPRO


of specialty medications account for total annual pharmacy spending (while making up only approximately 2% of overall prescription volume)

The Use of Medicines in the U.S. | IQVIA Institute

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