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The word affirm represents our commitment to being a trusted partner to members and their communities facing the ever-changing path of health care and pharmacy needs. Defined as “assert strongly and publicly, declare support for, uphold, confirm validity of, and offer support or encouragement,” affirm encapsulates our purpose: to bring a patient-centric approach to pharmacy benefit management supporting self-funded employer groups and their members.

AffirmedRx was founded with the mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management.

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Health Equity

AffirmedRx has partnered with the American Innovation and Opportunity Fund (AIOF) to develop an initiative aimed to combat health disparities. The initiative is focused on empowering communities of color and other underserved Americans to access and use the health care resources available in the U.S. This initiative comprises community leaders, academics and corporate leaders committed to this cause. Some of our first steps include collaborating with communities of color to collect data on the topic of health disparities. Unfortunately, current information on the subject is lacking and is critical to impacting positive change. Health care inequity is a systemic issue that first requires assessment and root cause analysis. We recognize this is a first step in a long-term partnership to influence health care equity for Americans.

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AffirmedRx is a Public Benefit Corporation

“AffirmedRx and its leadership recognize that in an increasingly opaque and diluted market, this transition [becoming a PBC] is necessary to reflect and protect our deep commitment to delivering on our mission to operate in the best interest of our customers.”

– Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx

“This new charter provides us with the legal framework to do what’s right by those who rely on our services, rather than obligate ourselves to make money for shareholders, which often occurs to the detriment of clients and their members.”

– Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx

AffirmedRx is a Public Benefit Corporation, or PBC

PBC is the legal definition of a company created with a solid foundation for long-term mission alignment and value creation. Being a PBC protects company missions through capital raises and leadership changes, creates more flexibility when evaluating potential sale and liquidity options and prepares businesses to lead a mission-driven organization.1

Benefit Corporations:

  1. 1) Have an expanded purpose beyond maximizing shareholder value to explicitly include general and specific public benefit
  2. 2) Are required to consider/balance the impact of their decisions not only on shareholders but also on their stakeholders.2

AffirmedRx chose this PBC designation to align with our mission of generating social and public good, along with operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

1 https://benefitcorp.net/, 2 https://benefitcorp.net/faq

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Our Four Pillars of Excellence

We pride ourselves on providing our clients total clarity in business practices, a clinically-focused approach and state-of-the-art technology.

AffirmedRx is the only pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company prioritizing patients over profits.

We are the only PBM structured as a Public Benefit Corporation, or PBC. This means we prioritize patient needs and health outcomes ahead of pursuing the traditional C-Corp goals of profit generation. Due to this unique business structure, our Board of Directors and our executives make decisions based on public benefit without fear of liability, even if that results in less profit.

Total Clarity in Business Practices

We are fully committed to total clarity in all business practices. Our ARx Clarity business solution brings transparency to every aspect of the client experience:

  • Contracts with clear and straightforward language (that you won’t have to have a law degree to understand!)
  • Complete audit rights
  • Full data ownership
  • Tools to model plan changes
  • Clear cost structure – with only an admin fee and small fee on each Rx filled

Clinically-Focused Approach

AffirmedRx brings a clinically-focused approach to all aspects of pharmacy benefit management. Our ARx Clinical business solution infuses a clinical approach into our business model and all client experiences:

  • Quality of care, leading to patient satisfaction
  • White-glove service
  • Focus on lowest net cost by indication
  • Waste-free formulary
  • 100% Account Management staff with clinical experience
  • Pharmacist-led

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our technology platform, ARx Technology, is a solution that is both flexible and customizable. This enables us to respond very quickly to clients’ needs:

  • Cloud-based, secure, reliable, modern PBM platform
  • Flexible technology with insights and access to data
  • Extensive operational capabilities and customization
  • Less disruption so we can focus on member satisfaction

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