AffirmedRx is a 2022 Climate Smart Certified Business

AffirmedRx is proud to announce that we are a 2022 Climate Smart Certified business – transforming into a sustainability leader by cutting costs and carbon. The award-winning greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction program from BMO Radicle Inc. enables businesses to transform into sustainability leaders while reducing business costs.

The Climate Smart Training and Certification program has helped over 1,200 businesses reach their GHG emissions reduction goals while balancing financial prosperity. Becoming a Climate Smart Certified business means joining other industry-leading companies in making environmental stewardship and economic prosperity their new reality. AffirmedRx is helping move the PBM industry towards a brighter future, directly impacting financial and environmental longevity.

AffirmedRx is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing integrity, clarity and trust to pharmacy benefit management. We are dedicated to putting patients first – this includes the longevity of the environment and moving the PBM industry forward in more ways than one.

By completing this program, AffirmedRx joins industry leaders in meeting emissions reduction objectives that benefit the environment and the lives it impacts.

Learn more about who we are and how we envision the future of the PBM industry:

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