Hidden Excess: Greg Baker PBGH ’23 Webinar Series 2

In the Pittsburg Business Group on Health’s second PBM educational webinar, Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx, explored hidden excess within the Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) space – shedding light on contract language, PBM profit games and why the spreadsheets don’t matter.

Interested in the details? Check out the slides talked through in this webinar.

Optimizing Contract Language

Baker explores the lack of a consistent definition for brand and generic language, prompting a closer examination of rebate exclusions, rebate amounts and the intricate matters surrounding the Specialty Drug List (SDL) and Limited Distribution Drugs (LDD). Baker emphasizes the importance of comprehension in contract negotiations.

PBM Profit Games

Baker’s insights into how PBMs make money underscore the need for a thoughtful approach in interactions with PBMs. It’s important to understand where PBMs are making a profit so you can truly understand what you’re paying for and make educated decisions for your organization.

Why the Spreadsheets Don’t Matter

Baker discusses the complexities of spreadsheets commonly provided when analyzing PBMs. In order to understand the spreadsheets provided, employers must understand the complexities behind the numbers – they are not always as simple as they appear on the surface.

Although the PBM world can be complex, Baker and AffirmedRx are dedicated to providing information in a simple fashion to have conversations like this and share our knowledge and experience with those making purchasing decisions on behalf of their organization.

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