Introducing Transparency-Rx | Bringing Transparency to the PBM Industry

Transparency-Rx is here! Transparency-Rx is a coalition of transparent Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) coming together to fix our nation’s broken drug pricing system.

“Transparency-Rx is working with Democrats, Republicans and the Administration so the strongest PBM reform package is advanced, a distinction from larger competitors opposing reforms.”

As a founding member, AffirmedRx believes that Transparency-Rx’s mission to inject common-sense, change and clarity into a complex environment aligns with our mission to bring clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management.

Stay tuned for updates as Transparency-Rx works to reshape the future of PBMs and change drug pricing for the better. Transparency-Rx is a counterweight to the status-quo, and we’re proud to be part of this critical journey towards a more transparent PBM environment.

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