PBM Solutions: Flexible Technologies That Drive Change

Too many pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) continue to use antiquated technology, and their operating systems fall further and further behind every day. The quality of their services continues to be challenged by the limitations of their systems to integrate with new, innovative solutions. They rely on outdated technology to solve complex issues, including clinical decision-making, resulting in an ever-growing number of complications and errors.

Fortunately, organizations like AffirmedRx are always developing innovative PBM solutions to confront these challenges. With modern, flexible, health-focused technologies capable of integrating with any employer, AffirmedRx is paving the way for better health outcomes for employees and their families.

Pushing Health Care Forward

AffirmedRx employs a combination of hyperflexible PBM solutions. New technology and dedicated Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) streamline the processes that allow physicians, pharmacists and members to save time. AffirmedRx does not wait on outreach from members or clients to reactively address issues or concerns. Our proactive approach assesses patient needs before they encounter a problem with their pharmacy experience and provides the most affordable clinical treatment options available, guiding them toward the best possible outcome. With agile, outcome-focused technology, AffirmedRx creates modern PBM solutions that focus on positive patient results.

Better Technology for a Better Patient Experience

PBM implementations can be complicated, often frustrating employers, physicians and members alike. That has to change. Today, PBMs must be able to navigate new challenges without operational delays. The days of stiff and rigid, unadaptable DOS-based systems are over. That’s why AffirmedRx addresses issues in real-time, eliminating potential headaches and member disruptions – before they become a problem.

Traditional PBMs are more and more often finding themselves limited by the capabilities of their technology. They’re left struggling when issues arise, leading to perfectly avoidable member disruptions. This is why AffirmedRx operates ahead of the curve, using proactive care management methods to support their members. Their ability to make use of technology to adapt and overcome ensures that their member experience remains unphased even when unexpected issues arise.

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