A Statement from CEO Greg Baker

Statement from Greg Baker on Recent New York Times Investigation into PBM Practices

The recent “New York Times” article highlights the critical need for transparency and reform within the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) sector. The investigation reveals the detrimental impact of PBM practices on prescription drug pricing and the overall healthcare system. It underscores the pressing necessity for transparent and equitable practices to protect patients, local pharmacies, and employers. 

At AffirmedRx we are committed to supporting our clients by humbly advocating for fair and transparent pricing models that prioritize their needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that they are the ones that benefit from reduced drug costs, improved access to necessary medications and enhanced overall healthcare outcomes. Through embodying an authentic brand, we are able to prioritize trust for our clients and foster a supportive and proactive environment. By leveraging our transparent pass-through model and innovative technology, we provide significant savings and better service to our clients, ensuring that they are not burdened by the hidden costs and inefficiencies commonly associated with traditional PBM practices. 

As the article indicates, competing PBMs have increasingly operated in ways that prioritize profit over patient care, often engaging in spread pricing and rebate retention tactics that inflate the costs for patients and employers alike. The lack of transparency and accountability has resulted in significant financial strain on independent pharmacies, many of which are now struggling to remain viable.  

We stand with the policymakers and industry leaders who are tirelessly working to address these issues and implement meaningful reforms. Our goal is to restore trust in the healthcare system by fostering true partnerships between drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and healthcare providers, ultimately ensuring that patients receive the affordable and accessible care they deserve.

Greg Baker



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