Follow the Money: Greg Baker PBGH ’23 Webinar Series 1

In a recent webinar, Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx, offered valuable insights into the intricate landscape of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM). Baker dove into key objectives to empower employers to make informed decisions, shedding light on rebates, vertical integration and essential questions to pose to your PBM.

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1. Unraveling the Rebate Enigma

While rebates may seem straightforward, their intricacies can be baffling. Baker highlighted the deliberate complexity built into rebate structures and emphasized the importance of understanding them to make informed decisions. It’s necessary to grasp the nuances of rebates to better understand the financial dynamics in your pharmacy benefits.

2. Pharmacy Benefit Vertical Integration’s Impact on Costs and Health Outcomes

Vertical integration by traditional PBMs, once viewed as a strategy to streamline processes, has led to hidden complexities in the PBM industry. Baker explains how this integration has increased costs and diminished health care outcomes. By examining the impact of vertical integration, individuals can better evaluate the effectiveness of their current PBM and explore alternatives that prioritize both cost efficiency and positive health outcomes.

3. Key Questions to Empower Your Decisions

Baker outlined practical questions employers can ask their PBM. These questions are designed to unravel the complexities of rebates, assess the implications of vertical integration and ultimately guide employers in making decisions that align with their health and financial goals for their employee members.

Health care and pharmacy benefit decisions significantly impact well-being and financial standing. Make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of PBMs with a proactive and informed approach to health care decision-making.

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